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Vhi parkrun Rewards Programme

With Vhi parkrun Rewards, members who take part in parkrun earn exclusive goodies.

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  • Run, walk or jog your local parkrun
  • Scan your barcode in the app
  • Earn your reward

Vhi NurseLine 24/7

If you have ever been up in the middle of the night worried about your child's temperature or even an ache or pain that you might have, Vhi NurseLine 24/7 is for you. A confidential, 24 hour, 365 days-a-year telephone support service for Vhi Healthcare members, Vhi NurseLine 24/7 can give you the advice and the answers you need. Simply call 1850 247 724

Second Opinion for Kids from Best Doctors®

At Vhi we believe in peace of mind and being there when you need us. We have partnered with Best Doctors to provide our members with a Second Opinion service for children.

One to One Midwife

If there's a new arrival on the way in your home, wouldn't it be great to have sound advice from an experienced midwife at the other end of the phone. Our One to One Midwife programme will give you telephone access to a dedicated team of midwives who can provide you with information and support throughout your pregnancy. And you'll also receive a trimester information pack at each trimester stage of your pregnancy.

SwiftCare Clinics

If you need to have minor injuries or illnesses treated within one hour, Vhi SwiftCare Clinics in Balally and Swords, Dublin and Mahon, Cork are there for you. All three clinics are open from 8am to 10pm, 365 days a year. Long queues in A&E may soon be a thing of the past! As well as offering services for urgent care, the clinics also provide a range of additional appointment led services including performing minor procedures and lots more...

Vhi Hospital@Home

Our focus is always on your comfort and care. We are an innovative clinical service available to all Vhi Healthcare members. Our consultant-let hospital at home service allows suitable patients to leave hospital earlier and continue certain treatments in their own home under the care of our nurses and doctors.

Screening from Vhi Medical Centres

Our screening packages and services offer you an overview of your health and help you identify risk factors. As a Vhi Healthcare member we'll help you identify risk factors which may cause potential health issues for you in the future. The screening gives you the information to be proactive about your health and make lifestyle changes to reduce your risk of future problems.

Vhi Fertility Programme

As a Vhi member when you need us, we're there. Our new Fertility Programme means we now help cover some of the costs of specific fertility treatments with our participating treatment centres as well as benefits towards other fertility related costs. To understand your cover, check the table of benefits for your plan.

Directory of Consultants

By giving you access to our consultant directory, you, your GP or healthcare professional can review the consultant options available before you take the next step. This is a service that provides you with information regarding the participation status of a consultant to whom you may be referred. It also gives your GP or healthcare professional the full picture regarding areas of practice, expertise and more. Consultants can be searched by surname, by specialty or by hospital.

Facility Finder

With the Facility Finder you can review the facilities that are available on your plan. The service provides you with information on our approved Public or Private hospitals, MRI Centres, Oncology CT Scan centres, Mammogram Centres, Pet-CT Scan Centres and more. You can review all the facilities in your network by choosing your plan, type of facility and county.

Member Offers

As a Vhi Healthcare member you can avail of discounts that can help you stay healthy and save money. From discounts on teeth straightening to laser eye surgery, we've put together some great offers for you and all Vhi Healthcare members.

Vhi VisionCare

Vhi VisionCare E-screen is an exclusive online eye screening service providing immediate results. You can complete the E-screen through the Member Services section on MyVhi. Vhi VisionCare provides cover for a comprehensive eye exam carried out by a VSP eye-care professional. This benefit is included in some plans, so be sure to check your table of benefits on You have handy access to a list of optometrists where you can also benefit from a 20% discount off frames and lenses and a 15% discount off contact lens fitting.

Renewing Your Policy

Our renewal guide will answer all the important questions for you. How do I renew my policy? Can I change my level of cover? How do I add someone to my policy?...and more. But if you're happy with the details of your policy, you don't need to do anything and your policy will automatically be renewed. Your renewal payment options and all the contact details you need can be found here too.

Vhi Joint Care Programme

Our new innovative Joint Care programme helps you to improve your joint mobility.

Vhi Maternity Benefits

Vhi have a range of maternity benefits for mum and baby across all our health insurance plans.

Vhi Paediatric Clinic

From GP to consultant within 48 hours. Be seen by a paediatrician at our new Vhi Paediatric Clinic.

Beats Medical Dyspraxia App

The Beats Medical Dyspraxia App is designed for children aged 3-14 who have Dyspraxia/DCD. It features fun games, based on clinically proven therapies, to help children improve their skills through at-home exercises.

Genetic Testing for Cancer

We have introduced genetic testing for cancer as part of our cancer care package. These tests help to determine if you are at risk of developing breast, ovarian or colorectal cancer and, if necessary, we’ll provide access to the appropriate treatment.