Your Renewal Guide

If you are happy with the details of your policy you don’t need to do anything. Your policy will automatically renew unless you inform us or stop paying us. If you have concerns, questions or if you are thinking of changing your policy at your next renewal, please read our frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to manage my premium?

At Vhi Healthcare, we can offer you a wide range of products to suit your pocket and needs. Please email or call us at (056) 444 4444, to review your options.

How can I pay for my cover?

You can pay by salary deduction, direct debit (annual or monthly in advance), or pay us directly by credit or debit card (annual in advance only). You will not be charged an additional surcharge on our direct debit facility.

Can I change how I pay?

Yes - You can change both the frequency of payment and the way you pay.

Can I claim tax relief on my health insurance?

Yes. For people aged 21 and over, including young adults, all health insurance policies and renewals have a maximum of 20% tax relief applied to gross premiums up to €1,000. This means the maximum tax relief will be €200.

For people under the age of 21, including children, the gross premium is capped at €500. This means the maximum tax relief will be €100.

Please check your tax credit certificate online at or get in touch with your local revenue office should you have any further questions.

Payment options

Salary deduction

If your employer operates a Vhi group scheme with a salary deduction facility you can pay your premium this way. You can phone us on (056) 444 4444 and we will set you up. If you currently pay by salary deduction, you can view your "Payment Details" on "MyVhi".

Direct debit

You can pay by annual or monthly direct debit, which deducts monthly instalments from your account, at no extra cost. If you would like to pay by monthly direct debit, complete the direct debit mandate form and return it to us by post. Alternatively, phone us on (056) 444 4444 and we can take your details over the phone.

Online banking

If you are an AIB or Permanent TSB internet banking customer, you can pay your Vhi Healthcare premium online.


Pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer (annual in advance) at any bank branch using the bank giro that accompanies your invoice.

By post

Post your cheque or bank draft (quoting your Vhi policy number on the back of it) to the following address:
Vhi Healthcare
IDA Business Park
Dublin Road

By phone

You can pay your premium using a credit or debit card by phoning (056) 444 4444.

Benefit changes

How will I know if plan benefits have changed since my last renewal?

Any changes to your plan at renewal are highlighted using the '!' symbol in the Table of Benefits. You can refer to your previous year Table of Benefits for comparison purposes.

Plan changes

Can I have different plans for each member of my family?

Yes, each member of the policy can have a different plan to suit your needs.

If you increase your cover, will a waiting period apply for the higher level of cover?

You will still be covered for the lower level of cover previously held. For more information you can refer to the, 'Renewing the policy' section, in the "Rules - Terms and Conditions" of your plan.

Can I change/cancel my plan mid-year?

You can change/cancel your plan at renewal. A cooling-off period of 14 days applies from your renewal date. All policies are 12 month contracts and losses and expenses may apply if you breach your contract mid-year. No losses/expenses apply if you are going overseas for more than six months, or if you cancel your Vhi Hospital Plan and you buy Vhi International.

I've recently had a new baby, can I add them to my policy?

You can include a dependant on your policy at any time. If you include a new baby on your policy within 13 weeks of their date of birth, your new baby will be covered free of charge from date of birth until the next renewal date after his/her birth. For more information, please refer to Section 2 – Joining Vhi Healthcare, in the "Rules - Terms and Conditions" of your plan.

Can I add a dependant mid-year?

Yes, you can add a dependant at any stage of the 12 month contract.

Can I remove a dependant from my policy?

You can remove a dependant at renewal date only, unless they are transferring to a Vhi International policy.

How do Lifetime Community Rating rules affect you?

If you are aged 35 or over and do not have health insurance before 1st May 2015, your premium may cost more due to the introduction of Lifetime Community Rating. Read more information on Lifetime Community Rating here.

Policy administration

We communicate and take instruction from the policyholder in relation to the administration of the policy (eg plan, payment/refund, renewal, cancellation). If the policyholder would like to authorise another individual to deal with the administration of the policy, as detailed above, on their behalf please contact us for details.

We communicate directly with the policyholder for children (aged under 18) and we can only discuss personal data, claims information and health related information for them with the policyholder.

I am a dependant on a policy, how can I cancel my cover?

The policyholder must remove you from cover. Once you are removed from cover, Vhi Healthcare will then write out to you to discuss your cover options.

I'm planning to work overseas in the near future. What happens to my Vhi Healthcare cover?

You can renew now and switch to Vhi International when you are starting your trip. You will have access to comprehensive cover abroad and there will be no additional waiting periods. And when you come home, you can re-join our domestic plans with no break in cover.

Please note: This information is issued as a guide only and does not form part of a contract.

Contact us

If you would like to talk to us about your renewal, you can call us on (056) 444 4444. You can also get in touch online using our contact form.