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Health and Wellbeing Services for Your Business

Vhi Corporate Solutions is one of the leading providers of integrated Occupational Health, Employee Assistance Programmes and well-being services in Ireland with an extensive portfolio of corporate clients across a wide range of industry sectors. Vhi Corporate Solutions has been providing business focused occupational health and employee assistance programmes to corporate clients since 2000. Each client's needs are assessed and a tailored solution developed to ensure quality of service provision and an optimal return on investment.
Vhi Corporate Solutions currently provides Occupational Health and Employee Assistance Programmes to over 600 companies in Ireland and over 260,000 lives across a range of industry sectors. The Vhi Corporate Solutions team comprises Organisational Psychologists, Occupational Health Nurse Advisors, Specialist Occupational Health Physicians and business professionals.
To find out more about our Occupational Health, Employee Assistance Programmes or other products and services , please contact us as follows:

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Occupational Health Services

Our mission statement

We strive to maintain employee health, minimise the impact of illness/injury through prompt and appropriate medical management and support early, and effective rehabilitation to work. Our focus on 'prevention rather than cure' seeks to pre-empt illness with robust Health surveillance programmes and good health promotions initiatives. We provide evidence-based, validated, Occupational Health services, continuous professional development. Accreditation to ISO90001 & SEQOHS level ensures our compliance with best practice and that ever-changing occupational health demands are always met... Read more

Employee Assistance Services

Tailored Employee Assistance Programmes from Vhi Corporate Solutions

As one of the leading providers of Employee Assistance Programmes and well-being services in Ireland, we have an extensive portfolio of corporate clients across all industry sectors. Vhi CS has been providing business-focused employee assistance programmes to corporate clients since 2000. We assess your needs and develop a tailored solution, focusing on your requirements. With Vhi CS, you're assured a quality service and we'll work hard to deliver the best possible return on investment.
We also provide an expansive range of talks and workshops in the area of health and well-being. And our Critical incident stress management initiatives are delivered by qualified and experienced trainers... Read more

Smoking Cessation Program

Using the workplace setting to encourage and support people to quit smoking...

No matter what your size your business is, you can benefit from investing in the health of your employees. Healthier employees take less time off work and are more productive when at work. Unfortunately, a significant proportion of the population (1 in 4) still smoke and smoking-related conditions lead to high levels of ill-health which in turn results in absenteeism from work and a shortened working life... Read more

Training Services

At Vhi Corporate solutions, we can offer you unrivalled expertise when it comes to providing specialist training services. We focus on health and wellness-at-work programmes to promote health and well-being within your organisation.
Our expansive range of Training and Workshop initiatives are delivered by a team of qualified and experienced trainers. The content of the training includes presentations, information material and group discussions. Your training programmes can be delivered in the form of one hour, half day or full day workshops to groups of up to 25 staff. All workshops will be held on site for the convenience of your colleagues and staff... Read more

Critical Incident and Stress Management Services

What is a critical incident?

A "Critical incident" is any unexpected event that is sudden, shocking or traumatic and which can have an effect on our everyday lives. They can take many forms, including ... Read more