Health Insurance

We provide our corporate customers with the flexibility to select private health insurance cover which can meet the needs of your employees, your business and your budget. Our expertise and experience allows us to uniquely identify health trends and utilisation patterns specific to your company and provide invaluable national and industry benchmarking data which can help you ensure your team is equipped for the future.

We are Experts…

We deliver the largest range of expert-led health support services and employ more doctors, nurses and medical professionals than any other insurance provider.

For you, this means that you get better access to more professionals to keep you and your team in the best health today and into the future such as

  • Vhi SwiftCare Clinics – urgent care facilities
  • Vhi HomeCare – hospital in the home
  • Vhi Medical Screening centres
  • NurseLine 24/7 – telephone support line
  • Vhi Midwife Support Programme – telephone support line
  • Vhi Assist - overseas emergency care

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We are Innovators…

We are more than just a provider of hospital insurance – we were the 1st health insurer in Ireland to launch day-to-day medical expense add-ons, Vhi Dental insurance and also, a wide range of travel insurance plans for our Vhi MultiTrip travel insurance policy and Vhi International for the rest of the world.

Employer Solutions

Innovative solutions are available to manage your employees wellbeing with our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and also their health while at work with our Occupational Health solutions.

Vhi International

In Ireland, more than 2,000 firms send their Irish employees abroad on business, yet a startling number are unprepared for when employees need medical care abroad. The quality and cost of medical care in other countries can vary significantly, so ensuring your employees and your business are protected from unexpected high medical costs is essential.

Vhi International provides fast access to quality healthcare, along with practical benefits like direct payment to hospitals and doctors for in-patient care, emergency evacuation to another country if the medical treatment needed isn’t available where your employees are based and cover for employees to return home to Ireland for treatment if required. Our comprehensive cover is provided through our international network of healthcare providers and supported by our 24 hour medical assistance line.

We’ll arrange a seamless transfer to Vhi International from any Irish health insurance policy and provide continuous cover when your employees return home to Ireland after their stay abroad.

To find out more and ask about our special corporate rates, call 056 775 3017 You can also contact our Market Development Manager, Margaret Byrne directly on


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Would you like to find out more about Ireland’s Expert Health Insurer?

Complete our contact form call us on 056 775 3003 .

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