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If you’re heading for Canada and need emergency medical and travel cover to satisfy your IEC visa programme, we can help. Our custom-designed Vhi Canada Cover policy will fulfil all the medical and repatriation requirements you need. So, if you’re between the ages of 18 and 35 and going to Canada for a minimum of 180 days and a maximum of 2 years, you qualify for this plan. For up to two years, you can travel all over Canada safe in the knowledge we have you covered.

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You’ll get emergency medical cover when you need it

For your time in Canada, our Vhi Canada Cover policy is designed to give you the cover you need, whenever you need it. Overall, you’ll be covered for up to €3million for emergency medical expenses, medical assistance and repatriation cover.

Even activities like scuba diving, snorkelling and trekking are covered as standard and if you need to, you can add other activities, sports and winter sports for a small additional premium.

You’re covered for cancelled flights and lost luggage too

With up to €2,500 cover for trip cancellation or curtailment, you know Vhi Healthcare is there for you in the event of things not going to plan. If you lose baggage or personal belongings in Canada or on the way, this is also included in your policy. And yes…we’ll even cover you for passport replacement too!

Bringing you home if you need to

While a year away might feel too short at the time, there are plenty of things you still miss right here at home. With this in mind, your Vhi Canada Cover means you can interrupt your backpacking holiday and visit home for up to 14 days. Then you can simply resume your holiday and keep your Vhi Canada Cover intact. 

You can also buy add-ons to your cover and if you wish, come home more often or even stay longer. With Vhi Healthcare, you’re well and truly covered…

We’re on call – 24/7

From help in emergency situations to everyday medical matters, we can provide professional telephone support for all medical matters. Our emergency assistance line is manned by experienced medical staff and will assist you in cases of accidents or serious illness.

During your time away, if you’re worried about a medical condition or any other health concern and you’d like to talk to someone in confidence, NurseLine 24/7 is there for you. Qualified nurses are available to answer your questions over the phone day and night and all this is part and parcel of Vhi Canada Cover.

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