Year : 2011

Vhi Healthcare renames Plans A-E

8th July, 2011 –Vhi Healthcare today announced that Plans A-E will be renamed on a renewal–by–renewal basis, from September 1, 2011. Approximately 490,000 of Vhi Healthcare customers are currently on Plans A-E. The move will see Plan A and A Option become part of the One Plans range and will be renamed as One Plan Access and One Plan Access Plus. Plans B to E will be renamed as HealthPlus Plans as per the table below.

Old Plan Name New Plan Name
Plan B Excess HealthPlus Excess
Plan B HealthPlus Access
Plan B Options HealthPlus Extra
Plan C HealthPlus Choice
Plan D HealthPlus Premium
Plan E HealthPlus Platinum

Jimmy Tolan, Chief Executive, Vhi Healthcare stated “We are renaming plans A–E as part of our on–going strategy to ensure our plan names describe the type of cover that they offer and to make it easier for customers to understand the plan they have selected. Plans A–E worked well when they were introduced over 30 years ago however no longer describe the cover they contain. The new names have been chosen to represent the key characteristics of the plans and the cover they provide. Customers can be reassured that, while the plan names are changing, they will continue to enjoy comprehensive cover.”

He continued “The health insurance business has fundamentally changed in recent years, with a very significant increase in the number of plans on sale in the health insurance market. Currently there are approximately 300,000 of our customers on Plan B or B Option. Today nearly 70% of Vhi Healthcare’s family customers are on a life–stage plan (i.e. Parents and Kids Plans, LifeStage Choices, One Plans) and less than 10% of new customers joining Vhi Healthcare are purchasing plans A-E.”

Vhi Healthcare will write to all customers impacted by the name change in advance of their renewal with details of their new plan name. The new names will appear in all customer renewal documentation and customers whose plan name is going to change, will be sent a new membership card at their next renewal.