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I am nearly 15 weeks pregnant and after intercourse on Saturday morning I had a bit of a bleed. The blood was bright red. It was just after sex and there was nothing else afterwards. Anyway Sunday & Monday I was fine. Yesterday afternoon after a bowel movement after being constipated I had a bit of red bright blood again (from the vagina). I went to the maternity hospital to see my doctor and had a scan; the baby looks fine and heartbeat too. My doctor gave me an internal and said I had a sensitive patch on my cervix that looked sore to touch and advised me against sex for the time being. I had a miscarriage in May and got pregnant straight afterwards and I am slightly concerned about losing my baby again. What are the chances of miscarrying at this stage? He didn't explain very much to me and the information I got from my books was much more informative saying that many women experience sensitive cervix during pregnancy. I suppose I'm just looking for your opinion and if you have come across this before.


Thank you for your email. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

It is very common to have a bleed post intercourse in pregnancy. This is due to the mouth of the uterus becoming engorged and soft. This means that deep penetration can occasionally cause bleeding. Baby is well cushioned and protected and intercourse will not affect this. If you would like to speak with a midwife or nurse please call 1850 24 7 7 24.

Kind regards, Vhi Midwife

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12th September 2006