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I am wondering where I should feel my bump. I'm 14 weeks today and can't feel anything when I lie down but when I stand my belly feels a bit harder but I am not too sure where I should be feeling. I already have a bit of a fat belly so not too sure if this is why I can't fell it yet? Where should I feel for it, above pubic bone, belly or under belly button? Thanks


Thanks for your query. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

It is different for every woman as to when she can feel her bump. At 12 weeks the fetus moves out of the pelvis and so the top of your womb would now be just above the pubic bone. At 18 weeks the top of the womb is usually found half way between the pubic hair line and the navel. And usually by 22-24 weeks the top of the womb is located at navel height. I hope this is of help to you. You may not be able to feel the top of your womb yourself but if you have any concerns, your Midwife/GP will be able to check this.

Kind regards, Vhi Midwife

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