I was told I will need to get my upper left wisdom tooth out because it is decayed. Should this be done by a dentist or in a hospital? Also I can feel the other wisdom tooth coming through and have noticed my teeth have started to move. The tip is only out but I do not want my teeth moving and then maybe having to get braces. What are my options?

Expert Answer


Your own dentist will normally be able to remove it, if it has erupted fully into your mouth and if the dental decay is not too extensive. However, if it is in a difficult position or if the decay is very extensive, your dentist may refer you to an Oral Surgeon.


The evidence linking the presence of lower wisdom teeth to crowding of teeth is weak. So expectation or fear of crowding is not a good reason to have wisdom teeth removed. Crowding of lower front teeth especially as we get older is independent of whether or not wisdom teeth are removed. There is a natural drift forward of lower front teeth as we get older. You can find out more information about wisdom teeth by looking the website of DeCare Dental Insurance Ireland at and search for the Oral Health Tip 'Wisdom on Wisdom Teeth' in the Dental Health Education section.


Dr. Gerard Gavin, Vhi DeCare Dental

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14th September 2010