I have had a lot of dental work recently due to lack of dental visits for years. All work was done in Ireland. I had about 10 fillings over four to five weeks. The fillings were amalgam and white. However, I had a lot of pain when the metal is touched on two or three of the amalgam fillings for a few weeks. Is this normal? What causes this to happen? I think it has improved quite a bit recently as it is not so sore. Is it common to have sensitivities to cold things like ice cream after fillings, I didn't have this problem before. Is it likely that this sensitivity would decrease with time (teeth settling) or increase? I have had some sensitivity to cold in at least one of my teeth.

Expert Answer

It is common to have some symptoms after having a large number of fillings. This is particularly so when fillings are deep, near the nerve and pulp chamber. The trauma caused by removal of dental decay, old fillings and the placement of new filling materials causes a certain amount of inflammation.


This is usually experienced as sensitivity to hot or cold and tends to subside over time as inflammation eases. Silver fillings can react to other metals placed in the mouth by initiating galvanic activity which can lead to small electrical currents. This is most pronounced when gold fillings are placed alongside silver fillings. If any of these symptoms get worse go back to your dentist.

Dr. Gerard Gavin, Vhi DeCare Dental

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21st July 2010