I got a filling in my bottom molar a week ago and it is still sore if I open my mouth wide (to yawn etc.). Is this normal?

Expert Answer


It is not unusual to have some soreness in the mouth region after a filling on a bottom molar tooth. There are two main reasons for this.


The muscles and ligaments around the jaw joint are usually stretched a bit more than usual to allow the drill and other filling instruments operate safely in that zone. This will cause temporary soreness around the jaw joint especially when you open wide.


You may also experience soreness sometimes in the soft tissues as a result of the needle causing an internal bleed in the muscle. The bleed forms a clot which hardens into a small lump and dissolves slowly afterwards. The lump can feel sore and uncomfortable when you open and close your mouth until it dissolves.


If the soreness persists and does not show signs of easing after seven to ten days give your dentist a call.


Dr. Gerard Gavin, Vhi DeCare Dental

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1st December 2009