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GP to Consultant within 48 hours

Now parents can spend less time worrying with our new Vhi Paediatric Clinic.
From GP to Consultant within 48 hours.

Two Simple Steps

If you have any medical concerns about your child, you should visit your GP.

Step 1 48 Hours Step 2

Visit your GP

Your GP will assess your child and if a referral to a consultant paediatrician is needed your GP will refer you.

Vhi Paediatric Clinic

Our Paediatrician will assess your child's condition, provide medical expertise, make recommendations on treatments and follow up if required.

When to Visit

At the Vhi Paediatric Clinic, we treat a wide range of conditions like

Service is for children from birth to 15 years old. This is an appointment led service only, there are no walk-in appointments. GP referral letters only by post, fax or email.


Emergencies should be seen by GP, Doctor on Call or A&E/ED/SwiftCare Clinics.
GP's requesting emergency referrals or who wish to discuss a patient should call:

1890 818 810

In line with the launch of the new Paediatric Clinic we are introducing benefits to most our plans with effect from 1st July 2018. Please see your Table of Benefits for more details of these benefits.

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Vhi Dietitian Service

A dietitian service is available at our Vhi Paediatric Clinic. Our team of highly qualified and experienced Paediatric Dieticians/Clinical Nutritionists can provide a thorough nutritional assessment and offer tailored advice and support on the following areas and more.

Vhi Paediatric Clinic



Vhi Paediatric Clinic,
Rockfield Medical Campus,
Balally, Dundrum,
Dublin 14
D16 W7W3

Telephone 1890 818 810
Fax (01) 7994189


To get to the Clinic, exit the car park through the doors to the Luas but keep to the right and follow the path back to the road. The entrance to the clinic can be found between the coffee shop (Grindstone ) and the Barber Shop at the Rockfield Medical Campus. The Vhi Paediatric Clinic is located on the 1st floor and customers can access the clinic by the stairs or by lift.

We would like to advise that our Balally clinic is undergoing renovations, we apologise for any inconvenience.

Other Services

Beats Medical
Dyspraxia App

The Beats Medical Dyspraxia App is designed for children aged 3-14 who have Dyspraxia/DCD. It features fun games, based on clinically proven therapies, to help children improve their skills through at-home exercises.