Vhi Health Insurance


ProvidentCare provides benefits towards everyday expenses, wellbeing supports, access to our Vhi 360 health services and more.

Explore this plan's benefits

Your hospital accommodation – what you’re covered for…

• Cover in a wide range of private and public hospitals with semi-private and private room accommodation.

• 2,500 in-patient consultants.

• Medical costs of in-patient diagnosis and tests covered too.

• Vhi Hospital@Home.

• Semi-private accommodation in a private hospital - €75 excess.

• Private room in a private hospital - €75 excess per claim and €100 excess per night.

See your Table of Benefits for applicable excesses.

Your everyday medical expenses – what’s included…

• Annual benefit up to €1,500 per person (excess €100).

• GP - €30 per visit for up to 12.

• Consultant consultation €70.

• Physiotherapist - €30 per visit for up to 12.

• Dentist - €30 per visit for up to 12.

The excess means that when your eligible benefits have exceeded the value of €100, we will then pay remaining eligible benefits right up to the value of €1,500. You will not need to pay an excess on your physiotherapy benefit, nor is an excess or annual maximum applicable to consultant consultations. Take a moment to review your Table of Benefits for full details.

Vhi 360 Health Centres - dedicated benefits for Vhi members

Health and wellbeing services delivered by a multidisciplinary team.

• Vhi Core Services, subject to €75 excess.

• Vhi personalised follow-up package on referral from Vhi Core Services.

See your Table of Benefits for full details.

Newborns, mums and more – what you’re covered for…

• Full cover in a public hospital for up to three days.

• In-patient maternity consultant fees – agreed charges.

• Midwife Support Service - access to a dedicated midwife for support and education throughout your pregnancy. Register with Vhi App.

Cover towards fertility

Benefit towards the cost of specific fertility tests and treatments when carried out in a Vhi participating fertility treatment centre. See your Table of Benefits for full details.

You get more with Vhi Healthcare – our extras

• Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) – includes confidential counselling and information services.

• Vhi NurseLine 24/7 - qualified nurses can answer your questions over the phone, day and night.

• Register with MyVhi to get your digital membership card, use Snap and Send claiming, view your policy benefits, online documents and more.

• Offers and discounts.

Out-patient scans

We provide cover toward medical scans including MRI, CT and PET-CT. These range from pay and claim back centres to direct pay centre arrangements, covered in accordance with our rules.

• MRI scans within your hospital list – full cover (pay and claim back centres subject to an excess of €125 per scan).

• PET-CT scans within your hospital list.

• CT scans, as listed in your Table of Benefits, within your hospital list.

Mental health and wellbeing - part of your plan

• In-patient mental health treatment for up to 100 days.

• 91 days in-patient treatment for alcoholism, drug or other substance abuse in any five year period.

Cover abroad

• Cover of up to €100,000 per calendar year, if any medical emergencies arise.

• Cover for treatment that is not available in Ireland, up to €100,000 per calendar year as long as it’s approved in advance.

Don't forget...

If you are taking out health insurance for the first time, renewing on a higher level of cover or moving from another Irish health insurer, waiting periods may apply.  Please read our terms and conditions to find out more about waiting periods.