Vhi Health Insurance

EnhancedCare 350 Day to Day

Comprehensive medical cover providing you with a wide range of services and benefits, when you need it.

Explore this plan's benefits

Your hospital accommodation – what you’re covered for…

• Semi-private accommodation in a wide selection of private hospitals and semi-private and public rooms in public hospitals.

• New advanced benefits in areas such as cancer care.

• Access to Vhi Hospital@Home.

• Private hospital excess €350.

Your everyday medical expenses – what’s included…

• Annual benefit of up to €1,000 per person (excess €1).

• GP – 6 x €25 per visit.

• Dentist 6 x €25 per visit.

• Physiotherapist 6 x €25 per visit.

• Vhi Online Doctor - full cover for 6 visits available through the Vhi App.

The excess means that when your eligible annual benefits have exceeded the value of €1, we will then pay the remaining eligible benefits up to the value of €1,000. Take a moment to review the Table of Benefits for more details.

Vhi 360 Health Centres - dedicated benefits for Vhi members

Health and wellbeing services delivered by a multidisciplinary team.

• Vhi Core Services, subject to €75 excess.

• Vhi personalised follow-up package following referral from Vhi Core Services.

See your Table of Benefits for full details.

Newborns, mums and more…

• Full cover in a public hospital for three days.

• Your consultant, the anaesthetist’s fee for your epidural, in-patient pathologist fees and a paediatric consultation – agreed charges.

• €250 towards consultants’ visits before and after the birth.

• €2,500 in home birth benefit.

• Midwife Support Service - provides you with access to a dedicated midwife for support and education throughout your pregnancy. Register on the Vhi App.

New Maternity and Baby Bundle

Our new Maternity & Baby bundle gives you and your baby access to a wider range of new and improved benefits to support you throughout your pregnancy.

You’ll have the flexibility to choose from benefits such as a maternity scan, yoga, Pilates and ante natal classes through to breast feeding consultations and baby swim classes.

Find out more in the table of benefits below.

Outpatient scans

We provide cover toward medical scans that include MRI, CT and PET-CT ranging from pay and claim back centres to direct pay centre arrangements, covered in accordance with our rules.

• MRI scans within your hospital list – full cover (pay and claim back centres subject to an excess of €125 per scan).

• PET-CT scans within your hospital list.

• CT scans, as listed in your Table of Benefits, within your hospital list.

Consultant and diagnostics

• Consultant visits - €60.

• X-rays and scans in an approved centre - €40.

• Blood tests in an approved centre - €40.

The annual excess per member, per year is €100. The excess means that when your eligible benefits have exceeded the value of €100, we will then pay remaining eligible benefits. Take a moment to review your Table of Benefits for more details.

Caring for you and the family – home or away

• Cover of up to €100,000 if any medical emergencies arise abroad, per calendar year.

• Up to €100,000 toward treatment not available in Ireland, per calendar year.

Mental health and well-being – part of your plan…

• In-patient psychiatric treatment for up to 100 days.

• Cover towards mental health therapy for approved daycare programmes.

• 91 days in-patient treatment for alcoholism, drug or other substance abuse in any 5 year period.

You get more with Vhi Healthcare – our extras

• NurseLine 24/7 - qualified nurses can answer your questions over the phone, day or night.

• Register with MyVhi to get your digital membership card, use Snap and Send claiming, view your policy benefits, online documents and more.

Offers and discounts.

• Unique genetic testing cover which helps determine if you are at risk of developing breast, ovarian or colorectal cancer and to ensure any treatment is right for you.

Don't forget...

If you are taking out health insurance for the first time, renewing on a higher level of cover or moving from another Irish health insurer, waiting periods may apply.  Please read our terms and conditions to find out more about waiting periods.