Vhi Dental - How to claim

Vhi Dental plans provide excellent cover for check-ups, examinations and cleanings along with great benefits for more costly dental treatments like fillings and crowns. Now we have made it even easier for you to use your Vhi Dental policy. There are 2 ways you can claim your Vhi Dental Benefits.

Dentist Direct Pay

With Dentist Direct Pay, you only pay the dentist for the costs not covered by your Vhi Dental plan. There’s no need for you to submit a claim. The dentist will submit the claim to us and we’ll reimburse the dentist directly.

Step 1: Before visiting the dentist

  • Select a dentist who is in the Vhi Dental Network – full list and make an appointment
  • You must Phone Vhi Dental before you visit the dentist – call: 046 9077337
  • Vhi Dental will confirm your benefit entitlements to you and to your dentist

Step 2: At the dentist

  • You attend the dentist for an Exam, Scale & Polish and if necessary X-rays
  • If further treatment is needed, the dentist will forward a treatment plan to Vhi Dental for approval before your next visit
  • Following treatment, sign the claim form which the dentist will have
  • Only pay the dentist for the costs not covered by your plan

Step 3: Submit the claim

  • The dentist submits the claim to Vhi Dental
  • Vhi Dental pays the dentist directly.

To answer your questions Dentist Direct Pay Q&A


Pay & Claim

With Pay & Claim, you pay the dentist and then claim your benefits back from Vhi Dental.

Step 1: Before visiting the dentist

  • Check your policy or call our customer service team on 046 90 77337 to check your level of cover
  • Get a Vhi Dental claim form - You can download a claim form here


Step 2: At the dentist

  • Bring  the claim form to your dental visit
  • Following your treatment, pay the dentist
  • Get an itemised receipt
  • Ask  the dentist to complete Section B and C of the Claim form


Step 3: Submit your claim

  • Submit the fully completed claim form along with the original receipts to
    Vhi Dental Claims
    Aria Insurance Services Limited
    IDA Business Park
    Co Meath
  • Claims are paid directly to the members bank account within 10 working days


Things to Note:

  • You can submit a claim for your Vhi Dental expenses, as soon as each course of treatment is completed – there’s no need to wait to the end of the year
  • You can attend any registered dentist
  • Claims are paid directly into your bank account within 10 working days
  • Please ensure that claims reach us within 90 days of completion of each item of treatment

Vhi Hospital plans - Dental Claims

There are certain dental procedures by some dental practitioners that require pre-certification, they are:

  • Removal of buried tooth roots (single or multiple)
  • Removal of impacted or unerupted teeth
  • Mandibular implants (osseointegrated implants)
  • Periodontal /gingival surgery

For treatment for any of these conditions, you need to complete and submit a: Dental Pre-Certification form. Contact Vhi on 1890 44 44 44 to find out if your dental practitioner requires pre-certification.


  • All processed claims have an Explanation of Benefits which provides a breakdown of payments made to you. This statement can assist you with calculating expenses eligible for tax relief which can be recovered by completing a Med 2 form.
  • Dental Expenses Med 2 form or you can log onto revenue.ie